From Karzai's desperate calls for US intervention; to never-ending roads, bridges... And a recent Video...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Remembering Karzai, high a-top a cliff in Afghanistan with a small group of semi-armed Afghan's.. Surrounded by 5,000 Militant Taliban; as he placed a desperate cell-call to the White House for US assistance!
...Bush had said no, no, and no, again...

But in the early morning sunrise, brave US soldiers arrived to stave off terrorists that had brutalized the whole of Afghanistan.. The same Terrorists that had killed thousands of innocent women & children...
-A brief bit of the origins and history of Hamid Karzai
-VIDEO Remembering: Karzai's Call to U.S. (for Liberation)- [HERE]
The recent push for departure, also reminds me that, we sacrificed & sought a better life for Afghanistan; and now they must want it too [Read]

The actions of many, helped to save lives; not the actions of a few...
Our Troops are heroes who gave their all; and Afghanistan knows the difference...

-Recent Video (from ZIP)

Today's Links...
-USAID-donation of $100 million, sends asphalt highway projects, rolling on...
We linked Provinces, bringing critical modernization to Afghanistan; making it possible for Kabul to secure border areas near Pakistan's volatile tribal region of North Waziristan...

A few ideas from 1/24/09...
Furthered Modernization of Afghanistan... [Read]
However today, it's becoming increasingly obvious that this Country is using 'triangulation' against our Troops -VS- Militant associations; which continue to sabotage efforts toward a legitimate path...

We can no longer (in my view) justify the further loss of US Troops, or monetary expense.... OUT NOW!

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