We sacrificed & sought a better life for Afghanistan; now they must want it too

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (in France!)

Freedom in Afghanistan must progress to become something that ALL Afghans want to live for.. Something must break the cycle, to afirm this country's place in the 21 century...

Image: 2nd Lt. Brooke Brzozowske, USAF
American Forces Press Service

No man has failed who, in his heart and life contribution, has sought a better life for his fellow man... As long as the Taliban keeps the country from progress, and enables an illegal drug enterprise; the people will live and die poor...

But there are so many other options...

They could be known for herb/med research, instead of tolerating illegal Drug Lords... The world of medicine and technology could put Afghanistan on a path of education & prosperity.

Image: Future Afghan Pharm Facility

This region has a responsible role to play, yet our fine men & women, and contractors & treasure, battle with this country for our safety.... Afghans could be greater than the vision that they hold for themselves, amongst rich land, & opportunity to develop LEGAL medicine... It could be AFGHANS who might help those, less fortunate, who need world crops...

Here-in lie some of the finest ski resorts! A sense of community that many a man around the globe saw potential; and gave his all to make it so. But they must want to reverse poverty & oppression, as we all have, & continue to do so.

Image: Shadeeyan Mountain

We need contracts, now...
Who will be the Orator?

Top Image: Afghan farmers gather around a garden while working a practical exercise during an agricultural training class in Bermel, Afghanistan, Nov. 1, 2009. Civil affairs members of the provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan’s Paktika province hosted efforts in an Afghan-led agricultural training event.
U.S. Army photo by Cpl. David Ferris
Ht: Freeper: From: American Forces Press Service
2nd Lt. Brooke Brzozowske, USAF

Bottom Image: Afghan horsemen, Shadeeyan Mountain in Mazar Sharif; Northern Afghanistan

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