Two Protesters; and a Video to Clarify a few "Tea Party Myths"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

In order that we protect our nation's safety net for those disabled, and truly in need... Our Nation MUST shift from a sense of entitlement, to a sense of self reliance... For some this is a painfully emotional process...
And, sadly, a most divisional point in our history...

TODAY: Occupy San Fran Goons Throw Bricks, Rocks And Bottles At Police Sending Two Officers To The Hospital… [Read]

-Meanwhile Liberals parrot Media Myths, surrounding the Tea Party...

Go figure, the BO Admin sees Freedom as the opposition; calling Tea Party Patriots, "radicals, racists, insurgents"... While enacting laws to hold U.S. citizens "Indefinitely without benefit of a Jury Trial by our Peers"...
I can tell you, Freedom is our inheritance... We will STAND UP, to judiciously protect and defend our sacred Constitutional Rights!

Today's Links...
-Congressman attempts to transfer Fast and Furious blame onto NRA ‘radicals,’ the Senate — Holder obliges... [Read]
“I think this is another manufactured controversy by the second amendment, NRA Republican tea party movement,” Johnson said.
This does not happen to be the case...
STORY: WH Government over-site is investigating the BO ADMIN, for a program which authorized the sales & monitor of military-grade guns to criminal drug gangs in Mexico... Government lost track of these guns; found later in the shooting deaths of U.S. law enforcement personnel; and deaths of hundreds of Mexican and Americans...

Although sales & transport of weaponry for this operation, would not have been possible without approval from AG or President... They dithered & dragged at the most valuable time during the investigation; presenting "blank pieces of paper" as evidence... Emails point to 'operational intent' to blame gun shop owners, & further (said) goal of enacting, the Administration's (previously proposed) gun-ban Legislation....
(More later.)

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