Conservative Black Forum at the Capitol...(Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

- Video: Rep West hosts Conservative Black Forum at the Capitol...
More & more Conservative black Americans have come forward to protect individual freedom; and with the same passion they used, to form the Republican Party... (Post updated)

- HISTORY: It was a high point in our Nation... Slaves were liberated to seek free and independent employment… And in the best of times, Black America empowered one another through the very exercise of these freedoms...

Video: The proud history of the Republican Party...
- A Republican Party formed by abolitionists against slavery...

Sadly, after years of Leftist Gov't inspired "under-class welfare"; black teens have declined to 40.7% unemployment... Today's anti-Capitalist, Gov't Rule, "Left" represents a new set-back for Black America...

And after decades of strives of civil rights, & individual freedom for us all; liberation away from intrusive Government, will have to be won for -ALL- Americans...

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