Classic non-denial denial; puppet press finally breaks strings to question (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Otherwise safe and controlled; a press member breaks ranks of doing Leftist/Progressives' bidding, to question a conflict of interest.
RoR says:
"Note, she did not deny making the investment, nor did she deny there was a gain for her in voting for that bill." It's your classic non-denial denial. She makes Nixon look like an amateur...

-CAPTION: "60 Minutes" challenged Nancy Pelosi on her conflict of interest while Speaker and facilitating financial reform while being involved with credit card companies...
But let's forget that Corporate investments and partnership dealings, are a matter of public knowledge... Where-as Democrat Majority refused oversight on bailouts, or budget; and this has led American Taxpayers to demand answers to MANY dealings...

Corporate dealings where-by Congress gained an astonishing 70% gain in wealth..... While most Americans have taken a 50% loss...

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