Chartered buses deliver OWS mobs to ports; as wide-spread fire & vandalism, impacts small business communities

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Disturbing statements from the WH:
Amidst Lefty-Media fawning...

Pelosi: "God Bless them"...
Obama: "We're on your side"...
Media: "Obama's only chance at re-election."

UPDATE: Vandalism, graffiti, and malicious defacement of both public and private property were widespread...[Read]

On the 26th...Occupy Oakland Protester Admits Leftist Mob Pelted Police With Bottles & Rocks Before Cops Responded (Video) [Read]

VIDEOS: Oakland on Fire:
Obama Gets Class War He Asked For [View]
"You bring a knife to a fight pal, we’ll bring a gun" -Obama

Sates pick-up the $BILLIONS in vandalism costs, but small business families are out of luck... But now as OWS groups block the port, they are interfering with State & Federal commerce of which effect the livelihoods the flow of commerce between the States...

Today's Links...
VIDEO: Liberal [Hypocrite] tries to own the movement...
Ends up getting [heckled]

Chávez Goes After Venezuela's Rich and Their Yachts [Read]
"Nationalize" and "Expropriate" is confiscation (theft)... And Marxist idiots don't realize that it will drive every last morsel of wealth from the country.

Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of private property:[Read]
A FREEper says, "Ok are they going to return the Sugar mill to me, that was stolen from my Dad?" >>>Don't hold that breath.

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