"Proclamation" for Unions...Neo-Liberal Vision of Debt & Central Planning (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Compare with Argentina’s debt, Unionization, and Central planning; which (also) served Foreign Companies…There are obvious differences, and that which some might not "fully" agree...
-But note the similarities!

-Examine VIDEO: to the very end! (Oh, and Happy Labor Day.)


As Neo-Liberal style Labor policies, & Gov’t Debt increased…. Lines, and lines of the unemployed, built up... Wealth was hunted-down and spit on; as they finally escaped in their cars…

It should be noted that NEO-liberals used this crisis to force a (Foreign-backed) “privatization” on all of Argentina’s assets; after developing a “SPECIAL BUDGET COMMITTEE.” Argentina’s assets were sold for a fraction of the cost; but the people’s debt was retained…

Most Foreign companies used their newly acquired industries, to bury billions in Foreign debt… The foreigners then turned around and charged fees up to five x the former fee…

-It will also be noted that Freedom is the only way for USA….Not Bureaucratic despotism... Freedom will be harshly defended in 2012!

Today's Link...
-Blaming the Tea Party for Jobs Loss; while the House GOP and Tea party pass numerous Jobs Bills, now stuck in the Democrat-controlled Senate?
From (R) Representative, Tom Graves:
LIB SENATE AGENDA policy sends more jobs OUT OF USA!

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