Mob Boss vs Union Boss; should it be this hard to distinguish between the two? (Video)

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I must admit, it was during Obama's "Closed- bidding" of 09, that I caught a glimpse of what looked like the repeats of 1920's Chicago...

Mafia Union Boss Hoffa says they're the Obama ARMY... So, with all the Vitriol flying [against the Teaparty]; take the language quiz...

-1920 to 2011 requires a few creative substitutes:
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Substitute "Dem-party" instead of Italians; "Asset theft & personal ruin" instead of Bombs & Bullets; "Forced wealth transfer programs" instead of bootleg/prohibition; "Union & Community organizer thugs" instead of "Gooks" and heavies"...... But the saying, "Take em' out" hasn't changed.
Today's Links...
-VIDEO: Tapper Presses WH on Hoffa ’SOB’ Remarks [View]

They Look Like "Central Bankster" Puppets?

-BigGovt: Is there a Solyndra/Obamacare Connection? [Read]
"Obama using stimulus slush funds to reward his political contributors?" As the investigation goes deeper...
-NOTE: Italians have become the best loved Americans today...
And those who lived through Chicago History tell us that lethal corruption was formed from "unaddressed corruption"... We're also reminded that all seemed innocent in early 1920/21 beginnings...The true whistle blowers were associates who knew it all had to end...

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