Sothebys: Pink Diamond Investments (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

In times of Gov't "policy uncertainty" pink sparkles can be a good bet... Video gives more information on choosing the correct pink... :D

Today's Links...
The story emerging from the Investment Diamond market is the continued surge in prices for Special and Unique gems. [read]

-Colored Diamonds: Serious Investor's Choice [Read]

Honey-Bun from ALBANY, GA eats $10K worth of diamonds at Ross Jewelers [VIDEO]

Certified - is in the Top 5 Investments That Rarely Lose Value! =) (short video)
NOTE: Watch out where you wear these lovely gems! There's a WAR on beauty & prosperity (out there) until 2012... After which, we'll be voting-out this One Big Awful Mistake, Absolutely!

..And, before they think of prohibiting the sales of vaults; or sending-in goons to frisk your Jewelry box...

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