Governor Christie issues precautionary announcement to sunbathers; as Irene approaches Atlantic Shores (Video)

As the Hurricane purportedly weakens, many frolic at the Beach... "Residents ignore Mayor's Orders" [Read] ..Despite the absence of banding in the Southwest quadrant, radar data; Military Aircraft reports that the central pressure remains near 952 MB...[Read]


Our Nation's Governor, Chris Christie, makes an precautionary announcement; while none from the head of the Federal Gov't (a.k.a. POTUS) Fast translation: If it might kill you, they're silent...

[Tropical Storm force] Wind Speed Probability... So for precautionary measures, the Hurricane concern is back on... And for the eastern coast, this has been one he** of a week... Wishing safety...

NOTE: Probable cause for the collapse in communications, can be attributed to the largely 'agenda-driven' Far-left Media... Considering the extreme new Presidential lows (dipping downward) from 29% approval; no surprise.

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