Rep. Paul Ryan, Bill Miller Talk Debt, Economy (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

We cannot go another year without meaningful entitlement and tax reform... And this means Long term debt reform, and a change to the Tax structure, to make US more competitive in the Int'l Marketplace...

Yesterday: Rep. Paul Ryan, Bill Miller Talk Debt, Economy [VIDEO]

Video did not publish?

As WH policies of uncertainty weigh heavily on US Jobs sector... Their refusal to produce budget, address entitlements; or vote on S&P approved (House passed) CutCap&Balance... ALL resulted in credit downgrade.

Looks like "Minority Freshman Tea Party" has become Democrat's favorite new scapegoat... Blamed for economic policy, long before the Tea party arrived at the White House... And worse that Democrat Representatives and Liberal Media referred to Tea party as "Terrorists" ; "suicide bombers" and insurgents, "holding guns to their heads" ... This was NOT impressive to S&P...

In fact, Class warfare strategy, has become so disliked by a large Majority of Americans; that if the "Progressive Left" insists upon taking it on the Campaign trail.... There will not be a single Democrat left in office (2012.)

I also recommend that "entitlement" recipients; VOTE, like any proposed TAX will eventually be, "YOUR TAX".... And not, "the rich guy."

-A must read: Out-Migration - Who is leaving the USA? [Read]

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