Obama-Left smashes economy like a Cracked Egg; via Keynesian bumps & short-term 'impact failure'

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Changing a driving economy into a [driven-over] economy... Obama's "cracked egg" Keynesian econ creates "short-term bump" i.e: short-term growth & output equal to the multiplier...But when stimulus is removed, there's an equal and opposite reduction in economic output....#

Obama's Keynesian repeat pumps of artificial "stimulus" has rapidly REDUCED and bankrupted our private-sector "TAX-PAYERS"; & then are replaced by Government waste & expansion...

Tax and Spend vs Growth mapNOTE: RED: Spending, and GREEN: Tax receipts... Favoring Cronies over producers. BLUE (GDP) reflects failure to apply stimulus to the target.

Image: Obama "Cracked Egg Economy"

Today Liberals and their Media Complex incite vitriol against Wealth; making preposterous claims against the Tea Party's call for Gov't spending restraint...

-Moonbattery: The Naked Face of Liberalism [Read]

Parroting the same buzz-word! "Remake" is "made-up" (as they go)
ht ZIP

While lurking in the background... The Left's largest campaign contributors manage a decline; with guaranteed worsened outcomes for USA...

Essential Rules of Tyranny: [Read]
In conclusion... I believe in Freedom, Faith, and that everything becomes new again... And with our faith and belief in principals that once made us strong; we will overcome, and live on.

Kamani1147 writes: Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobile, & Automated Data are triple A rated companies. They are private institutions of free enterprise...

Additionally Republican Governors are being "UPGRADED" to AAA+... While the Left's "Manifesto" haphazardly drags our Nation into a downgrade... Vote this out, in 2012!!
UPDATE: A little note pops up on the net...
"i am not American, i´m Portuguese, fascism has taken over my country under the name of Socialism and there is nothing we can do about it because we do not live under common law or law of the land, we have the filthy roman civil law and they took away our guns long time ago, there is nothing we can do!

Please do not let America be destroy from within because it is happening right now and from a long time now! You guys are the last hope in the whole world!!! Stand your ground!!! Never give up!!!"

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