Tripling & Tripoli: Two Obama nightmare roles; w/out consent of US Legislature

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Left talks more Tax. Are we at 100% yet?
-Image & more at [gateway]
Bush tax rates expire after 2012 = tax increase; 2010 Affordable Care Act will increase soon; massive ObamaCare’s tax increases, begin...

-Foundry: Tripling the Debt

And here he is, trying to explain why tax-payers are stuck with tens of $billions in new military "contingency" costs; in his private mission to remove a non-American policy threat... And without identifying the Rebels...

Obama consults with Int'l leaders & organizations; but not his own country, before bombing Libya...
-And, is the left out of their minds???
Article: Obama's restraint in the Middle East #
-Defending Obama's controversial military action in Libya, deeming it "carefully-calculated" and "incremental."

-Praising Saudi regime for liberalizing and said countries have to change at their own pace. (would not do anything to destabilize the regime unless there were completely unforeseen events??) #

@ClariciaQ by barbaylive
In the fury of the #debtceiling talks, let us not forget another Obama debacle –"Fast and Furious". Check [timeline]

So, when are we going to see the "Global Elite Plan?"
I'm sure it will be leaked someday...
-VIDEO: What a quick shift from yesterday! [VIEW]

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