Obama talks about.. "Our economy, as a whole"... And the "headwinds" responsible for rocky recovery | video

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"Job creators are hesitant to know if Gov't will raise debt ceiling"
FACT: They're hesitant to hire, anticipating higher "stimulus" tax

A broader fix... And still has a big hole to fill???

Image: Cagle political...

"We have tried to do everything...
Yes, stop trying to do everything...

ht: Gateway

Top 2 year requests: Cut Obamacare; announce huge increase on domestic energy production; lift restrictive anti-biz policy; Keep NASA employed & Defense strong; but slay Monster Bureaucracies, drowning the Nation.

Today's Links...
AP: Obama's trillion-dollar tax hike would hit low-, middle-income families... [Read]

Hot ACE: "Why We Don't Recover", by Nicole Gelinas at the City Journal. [read] "The losses exist and must be recognized sooner or later. We can't keep them off the books forever."

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