Regimes’ efforts to produce Utopia; produced the most brutal & criminal regimes of history (Mario Vargas Llosa)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Nobel Laureate & Atlas Templeton Leadership Fellow, Mario Vargas Llosa, tells the story of his conversion from Marxism to free market capitalism after visiting Cuba and the Soviet Union... [read]

-Great article at [ideasmatter]

I might note that EVERYTHING represented in our nation's Constitution that Leaders vowed to protect; is violated by Marxists, Socialist ideology.

Democrats (on the wrong side of the 20th century) are on the verge of restricting businesses from relocating to different regions of the U.S... What's next? Will the Obamacare Doctor shortage, eventually prohibit them from relocation, too?

Every man, woman, and child, must rise above; with clarity...
Today's Links...
@DarrellIssa Here's the latest on Fast & Furious. Stay tuned for developments... VIDEO: [VIEW] @gopoversight #2nd #tcot

Have Democrats succeeded all claims to leadership of USA, by refusing to produce a yearly budget; as required by law? Now 798 days later, it's (perhaps) time to call upon a vote for a special election…

@Nativevoice: Hey I thought we defunded them: ACORN continues to relieve Americans of their hard-earned Tax dollars. [read]

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