Libya ready to let 'West' choose type of new Gov't and oil deals; but Gaddafi won't go; UPDATE: Bombing 'escalates' after video

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-74% of the American People DO NOT want their Taxes going to Libyan intervention, nor ANY involvement with Int'l Criminal Courts...

Still unsure who the Rebels are, [BOMBING intensifies]

The involvement by DOJ Holder & Cass Suntein is revealed... John Podesta & Samantha Powers are Soros Group directing US Democrat Party... Soros financial groups' increase attack on our Constitution, at all levels... -R2P, is just a part of it... LINK
-Beyondthecusp writes:
"Hillary has gotten her "good war", President Obama gets to look like a Commander in Chief, and Samantha Powers and those who she has collaborated with for the last decade or so get R2P validated and now have the ever necessary precedent for the implementation of R2P in the future."
-The mission of the R2P Coalition is: #
--To convince the American people and its leaders to embrace the norm of the responsibility to protect as a domestic and foreign policy priority. NOT!

--To convince our political leadership that the US must join the ICC.(International Criminal Court) NO!

--To convince our political leadership to empower the UN and the ICC with a legitimate and effective deterrent and enforcement mechanism - an International Marshals Service - a standing international police force to arrest atrocity crimes indictees. NO, TO INT'L POLICE FORCE! Link

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