Give a Bald Eagle, Salmon.. (IOTW Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The video clearly states that the Native Aleuts (Alaska) are smoking/canning/grilling sockeye salmon... "Were not using the heads & guts; and that is what the eagles were eating."
Source: americanglob

As the current (unrelated) empowerment/enabler debate/divisions, loom large in the US... Note how handouts impact species...


Of course, this is an abstract analogy, as eagles' autogenetic survival instincts; surpass humans... Which makes it even more important to examine the effects of the current storm of the FLAWS of 'human welfare'... No matter how strong and capable; 'more and more' masses, show up for the feast...

Eventually overwhelming the system; and compromising a society's safety net... And for further purpose of analogy, as would be apropos to wildlife reserve funds, needed to assist injured Eagles; later returned to the wild...

With that thought...
From ReaganTMan @wordcravers:
Do your fiscal conservative friends know Palin left AK with a $12 Billion surplus? View the Undefeated! [HERE]
-Find tickets [here]

Google Search of palin undefeated movie: About 2,320,000 results of Liberals literally coming unglued... But what have they to offer?
...More sockeye, and IOWU's? :D

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