(D) Harry Reid kicks the 2nd passed House Bill aside during ratings Drama; Calls Tea-Party "Extreme?" (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

UPDATE:After Democrats enforce filibuster against their own debt bill [Read]... Democrat Party wants to extend the hike to [2013]

They have still NOT produced a Democrat plan, in writing... (R) House passed TWO; making them more Senate Ready... Today:

Earlier events:
SHOCK... Reid tabled two PASSED House bills...
Then demands a vote on [his bill?] ... Earlier today, Majority Leader Reid said that "time is short, and too much is at stake to waste even one more minute... He objected this evening to holding a vote to consider his own debt limit proposal. -VIDEO: [VIEW]

Senate Tables Boehner Bill, Reid Refuses To Allow A Vote On His Bill
—DrewM. [ACE]

Kicking the House bill aside, during ratings drama; all to implement his own MASS TAX budget, is one thing....

But few could argue that it was Democrat Majority (2006-2010) who used a weakened economy to push numerous restrictive Draconian legislation; like the current Obamacare, Cap & Trade, EPA new rules, change of business rules, etc, etc... Resulting in unstoppably massive Jobs Purge...

Paul Ryan: Reid Bill "Guts Defense" $50B in two years;not smart when in three wars now

Where-as Tea Party is completely against Banker Bailouts, Unions perks, and stimulus used to arm Mexican Drug Lords, Egypt, Libya...

But, we already know that during the second term of the next Republican President (of one of the GOP States, well into recovery)... The Lefties will claim it was the MASS "Republican" spending of 2009/2011.

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