Uh-oh, Obama fighting a war, the same way he's fighting the US economy (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Ramping-up a surge in volatile Afghanistan; only to immediately announce a [withdrawal date] ... Meanwhile Democrats impact equally jaw-dropping policy at home, as they ramp up citizenship; & then 'lock-down access to land & energy; forcing land owners from newly declared [inhabitable zones]

Not enough has been said about Economists who do not endorse his Keynesian policy; now Generals do not support his "rapid" draw-down... [Read]
Rep Lt. Col Allen West weighs in on the timing...

NOTE: Over 60% of US deaths in Afghanistan, occurred in the last two years...Pointing to the Obama surge "ROE" which tied the hands behind the backs of our brave troops...

Most of us are concerned, as the Obama Team, hasn't a single understanding of why it is a bad idea to announce a war 'end-date' to an enemy... Nor do they understand just why creating a "hostile environment" in our economy, creates even more reluctant investors... VOTE THEM OUT! [2012]

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