A Narrow China Balloon Escapade (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Good natured fellows in a crash... (with a safe landing)

A little language warning; but hilarious Video from 2007.... :D

ht: Maetenloch (at aceHQ)

-Enlarged Version: [HERE]

And a balloon, China not likely to escape, unscathed.

The Boom And Bust Of China's Rise....
Recently Liu Chuanzhi, the Chairman of Lenovo and the iconic figure of Chinese manufacturing, faced a serious dilemma while asked why of Lenovo Group’s profit in 2009 60% came from asset investment and only 40% came from manufacturing.....
He said: "When the typhoons come, even a pig can fly in the sky. Everybody is profiteering from this... Why can’t we?"
These are serious challenges Beijing’s now facing and seems to lack adequate policy tools to tackle...Hedge funds and Fed’s QE2 are not all to blame for all these. The Chinese economy already stands close to the edge. [Zerohedge]

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