Democrat Party's anti-Freedom history, well documented in Nat'l archives of Black America (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Disturbing video, as the ideology morphs a-new...
Wherever man is coerced he is not free... If he must give up individual choice, for reward or promises... He lives in shadow slavery, deceit, and the lowest is one which robs of equality, and stifles confidence... This is anti-Freedom...
May God protect our Nation... As Free People.

Democrats take several measures to pervert and re-write this history, via "Social Justice" "voter obligation" programs; creating government dependency through welfare programs, among others...
"But the stain is there to prove their criminality before man and God, and the world in the day before retribution." -Booker T. Washington
ht: @JosephAGallant

Video Caption: Booker T. Washington at Congressional Debates and Proceedings [42nd Congress; 1st Session] 1871

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