Actual "Government" moochers & Tax-evaders; persist in (pushing law) to drain private sector growth (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

In this clash we see that the Government has REDUCED the Private economy to strengthen itself; and at the private sector's expense.... Where-as the choice was between 'American's Liberty' -or- 'Govt fiscal restraint'; they completely ignore that:
The US Constitution (in purpose) -IS- Gov't Restraint...

ht:Fox Nation (& ZIP)

And coming from a Gangster Tax-evader.... What a complete sham it is for him to mention his disdain for "Tax exemptions" allotted to encourage economic producer's growth; which enables hiring...

A better question might be: "How many people were hired from his allotted "Tax evasion" ...all the while, he kept his job." Dozens of Tax attorneys?

Today's Link...
VIDEO: Cain speaks on Fair Tax: [RAISE CAIN!]

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