Democrats Feeding America to the World Tax "Thieves’ Cartel" (as a long-held effort)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

They're "Followers" not "Leaders"... And (Czars and all) MUST be dismantled in 2012; for the preservation of U.S. Sovereignty... [READ]

Dan Mitchell (CATO) has long exposed Democrat's profoundly dangerous development; and its very troubling implications. READ

1. Higher tax burdens
2. Risk to human rights
3. Loss of sovereignty

To name just a few [read full]

"They had to pass it to read it"

In addition, the OECD has used American tax dollars to advocate Obamacare-type health policies, push for failed Keynesian stimulus spending, promote Al Gore-style carbon taxes, and urge the enactment a value-added tax...[Read]


A final (personal) note...
The poverty and destruction that Democrat "Progressives" have Fundamentally impacted upon America, via Leftist Lobbyist policy; is a complete eye-opener... And not just for those who have suffered from their destructive, restrictive, and illusive policy... Vast amount of Americans now see that "weakness and destruction" has been a Democrat 'hope & Change' platform, to Dominate.

-Cross-posted at: [PoliticalBarbay]

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