Videos of U.S. defense interceptors which "catch" launched missiles; and Russia's "Container Missile System"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Preventing countless deaths, by intercepting an in-coming missile, affords a second chance to settle differences; where-by innocent people can live in Peace... In this, Missile Defense is.. just, relevant, and sound... No country should be without Missile Defense...

VIDEO ONE: "U.S. Missile Defense System"

"It's not a weapon, its a defense system against existing weapons."
"These missiles can't hurt anyone, unless they get dropped on an armament technician whilst being loaded into the ship"...(Comments)

Woe calling good evil... Complaining about US missile defense; and then selling systems likely to necessitate the shield, in the first place...

VIDEO TWO: "Russian Container System"

We must have the adequate distance to block rouge missile attacks; or USA will employ mini-satellite spheres which hover in space with laser tech, to destroy such missiles...

And for those who still have elections... Vote out these Dark-minded people; to protect lives, liberties, and futures, from destruction...

-In-put from The Heritage Foundation:
U.S. & NATO Should Reject Russian Demands on Missile Defense [Read]

-VIDEO: from 2006, Projects Future (2017) [VIEW]

-Cross posted at the "Political Barbay" site: [Read]

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