At present, US Tax-payers subjected to costs of unlimited foreign incursions (video study)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

A U.S. Deadline Is Put to the Test [Read]

Americans will need to vote out Lawmakers largely silent on war powers authority [in Libya] These incursions force US citizens to borrow more, without essential representation [read]. Largely disruptive to our recovery, and disruptive to our own National Sec defense...

Older video of Christopher A. Preble (CATO) analyzes the "Five Rules for Going to War" using the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine; which served as US set of principles to guide the careful use of the military...
Four out of five points are violated; thus fail to justify US action...

NOTE: Traditional Policy is distinct from Law, as CATO does not argue that it is an Illegal War, but an unjustifiable one... We must regain essential policy, which would prevent our nation from being dragged into countless wars...

As US citizens are forced to borrow MORE and MORE, and without essential representation; this will be a HUGE "United" Factor of which common-ground will show itself in the 2012 elections...

Amidst a strong effort at the Pentagon, to make budgetary provisions to cover its current commitments... Obama is 'BLOATING' Military costs; and his "so called limited (Kinetic) intervention costs, are extensive... Citing March costs of limited (Kinetic) interventions, which exceeded 30 to $100 Million per week; now expected to extend into the billions... [Read]

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