Solar Impulse HB-SIA's First Int'l Flight

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The European Solar plane project began in 2003, budget of $128 million, 12,000 solar cells, average speed of 44 mph...-Read [More]

-Image: Solar Impulse HB-SIA

(Including an "adopt a solar cell" program)

Some of us see a future replacement for communication's satellites; in that it would be more cost proficient for low latency/ high bandwidth; than satellite based services... Low maintenance, as well...

from solarimpulse
-SUCCESSFUL First Int'l Flight for Solar Impulse:
After a flight lasting 12 hours 59 minutes, using no fuel and propelled by solar energy alone, Solar Impulse HB-SIA landed safely in Brussels at 21h39 this evening (UTC +2).

A crowd of supporters was there to celebrate the arrival in the European Communities’ capital of Bertrand Piccard’s and AndrĂ© Borschberg’s solar airplane. [HERE]
-Korean Arirang Reports:[Read]

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