Florida (Spanish-speaking only) election debate, not understood by Voters in USA

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

University accused of race bias; after hosting 'Spanish only' mayoral debate [Dailymail]

-Former Rapper (Mayoral Candidate) excluded in debate! [read]

Analysts and black groups are acknowledging there could be fewer black-majority districts, as African-Americans increasingly move out to once predominantly white suburbs...

-UPDATE: I had to re-do this post, as more to this story cropped up.... This proves that today, there is more unity between Black and White, outside of the "enabler" Democrat Party... Better equality, on the merits of sharing the content of ones Character...

Democrats discourage ONE language education... But failure to empower US English language, is to fully encourage lower skills... Thus, they create a permanent underclass system.... This has to be an eye-opener...

From the Daily Mail..
Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services, said improved integration will make line-drawing more difficult.

He said: 'The demographic phenomenon we're seeing could cause some big concerns in terms of African-American seats. It's likely to make changes on how we view African-American seats.' [Read]
-I support a fully realized America...
And I welcome Black Americans to the Republican party, 100%... Today, we have many, many, distinguished Republican Candidates...Proudly to say... Including "Breath of fresh air" Herman Cain!

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