Rapid execute of policy; to evade branches of representational Gov't, must end; or the whole Crew will go (2012)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

As the "progressive" Democrat Party evades transparency [Video]...
Expansion of Executive orders, reflect an agenda which abrogates State Sovereignty; as it over-rides Constitutional redress...
[Article V, Section C, Clauses 2e and 2f]

This equates to a goal of government ownership of production, erosion of individual liberty, increased dependence on Gov't; while increasing Gov't taxation on those who create jobs...
(A contemplative & deliberate, anti-Constitutional directive)

From 5-16-11; Oversight Productions:
Video CAPTION: "Your Oversight watchdogs are holding the Obama Administration accountable not just for its attempts to drag politics into taxpayer-funded federal contracts, but on its epic failures of transparency, open government and accountability. You deserve to know why."
Many Exec Orders MUST be addressed:
Note EO 12425 and EO 13528 which are the precursors to Martial Law... With 12425 remember that the immunity follows the info... Totally bypasses the Constitution and 7 of the first 10 Amendments... EO 13528 is an injury to (State's) Tenth Amendment.. And also against 'The Posse Comitaus Act.'

The US Military cannot, under ANY circumstances operate inside The United States Of America, yet this "Council of Governator" is acting as a liaison to allow it... Our Congressional Reps must act NOW, that our Liberty is restored; as this must NEVER again, surface...
Example of just a few of the Exec Orders:
Executive Order 13557 - Controlled Unclassified Information
Executive Order 13556 - Order of Succession Within the DoD
Executive Order 13542 - Providing (O of S) within Dept of Agriculture
Executive Order 13552 - 2010 Amend. to Manual for Courts-Martial
Executive Order 13539 - President's Council of Advises Science & Tech
Executive Order 13538 - Establishing President's Mgmt Advisory Board
Executive Order 13565 - Intel. Prop Enforcement (to abridge Speech)
Executive Order 13537 - Inter-agency Group on Insular Areas
Executive Order 13528 - Establishing Council of Governors
Executive Order - Classified National Security Information
Executive Order - Amending (E.O.) 12425 (to extend to INTERPOL)

In Closing: We believe that (said Obama) was born in the U.S... But as an American citizen, he allegedly applied for (and accepted) a college tuition grant (intended for foreign students) under the name of Barry Soetoro... How then, did he "prove" he was a foreign student?

These are documents that Citizens have a right to see... However, it should also be noted that Obama, in the face of civil calls for redress (pending suits) rushed to suppress & contain this info. from our National Archives... As one of the first of his "Executive Order" priorities...
[ie:U.S. Code Title 44 Section 2201 Sub-Section 3]

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