60 Min. links "white, pro-constitution, Gov't critics"; as terrorist groups" (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Guilt by insinuation... And just in time to use their broadcast to implicate "Tea Party" election opponents... Because, if you are WHITE, speak about dwindling rights & Gov't over-reach, or even post patriotic messages... You're part of a terror group.. (/sarcasm)

ht: Zip and Mediate

They're either another W.H. tax-payer "force-funded" Liberal snark broadcast; trying to validate the need for more "cross over the line" privacy invasions; or more "push" against 2nd Amendment rights...

They take their eyes off of the many killings of our heroic Law enforcement, by Cartel [south of border]... For the imaginary links of a "Crazed and deranged" father and son"...

-Cross posted at [politicalbarbay]

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