(R) American Energy Initiative uses "all of the above" energy for the people; rather than 'George & Al'

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Media fails to correct their WH narrative on the so-called, "Greedy US Oil companies"; who really squeeze out a couple of pennies out of each gallon of gas [after tax]; as Obama team ignores proven US gas reserves; while using US Tax$ to build new foreign energy...

This means, less US jobs, less revenue 4 Gov, less US Independence...

Legit question @: Louisiana Senator David Vitter asks why Brazil is receiving U.S. money to drill for oil.

-In this week's address, Congressman Lankford discusses the impact of skyrocketing gas prices on families and small businesses across America. House Republicans have launched the American Energy Initiative in an effort to combat rising energy costs and create new jobs... (more on this later)


Rep. Lankford also sets the record straight on the Republican budget that will help spur job growth, stop Washington from spending money it doesn't have, and protect Medicare for current and future generations. We must continue to cut spending to get our nation's crushing burden of debt under control...[read]

On all levels, we are seeing a perfect example of why our Constitutional principals must RESTRAIN the actions of the Federal Government; wherever Govt decisions could be a case for endangerment of State economies...

In an effort to dive a new Tax agenda; the Obama Progressive policy continues to impact a rise in jobs destruction, bankruptcies, and over-all U.S. hardship; as the Obama team readily applies US Tax to build new Foreign energy dependence...

-I guess, purposely causing sky-rocketing energy prices to destroy existing US energy production, all to push their (won't be available for a decade) alternatives; is the same 'FRAUGHT THINK' as Liberals "cutting proven missile interceptors" without securing adequate and reliable defense replacements...

Americans seek balance...
Nineteen months to go...

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