Instead of restraining the people; the next US President will reform & restrain "growth of Govt & policy"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Americans want leadership without gimmicks or empty promises. We know that individuals are the engine of growth; not Government...
-Image: From hotair

Sen Paul Ryan detailed facts & figures at TownHall; instead of platitudes... Drawing capacity crowds around the nation.

-Read Katie Boyd's article: []
-Read "The Path" []
-Video (r) hotair

He presents policy to save the nation... But it may require his leadership, to help us to impact it... Some greatness of history came forward as a calling; at the 11th hour...

Today's Links...
-Townhall Video: "unhinged fray" go Anti-Ryan

-Paul Ryan Catches Astroturfed Heckler at Town Hall:
"You Changed Clothes!"

-John Stossel: Government Creates Poverty

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