Iceless Antarctica history, and suppressed extent of solar impact; is curiously replaced with a hockey stick, & locked-down US energy policy

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

We've returned to a time in the grid, when Religious fears prompted the suppression and alteration of DATA... Fear of Science, did not fit the mold of Religiosity; as papers were destroyed, and Scientists jailed.

-The "ice-less" then, is today's "less-ice" hysteria ...

Map Da'Arias - Gerard Mercator

Then: Scientifically sound theory was punishable via death, forbidden from dispersion... Today: Disputed theory is mocked, forged, suppressed via Media collusion...

It delayed, but did not stop Scientists; in their thirst for truth... We found that every idea is discovered (again) a-new... That which was derived in and of the XVl centuries... Longitude is recaptured (unbeknownst) across continents; emerging again, in stone column replica via 1137... :D

In their hour of blindness, everything of the then-known cosmos was viewed beyond the geography & history of the earth; moving beyond held theory.

In 1949, Admiral Byrd's expedition drilled the bottom of the Ross Sea; at about the places where Oronteus Finius have riverbeds..

In the sections of cores were found layers of fine-grained rocks, well-mixed sediment brought by rivers into the sea, whose sources are located in temperate latitudes; as was completely free of ice... Cores of which reveal, the addition was preceded by a long warm period...

-VIDEO: Insane! View today's proposed AGW remedies! [VIEW]
The Video talks about the "winners & losers"...Claiming that "some remedies would (of course) impact, famine elsewhere"???

"THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED" [alarmists censor Scientists]
Dr. Soon PhD, Chief Science Advisor at Science and Public Policy Institute at the International Global Climate Change Conference in N.Y.City; and Harvard-Smithsonian center for Astrophysics...
From Altiwali: "There is a simple solution, sack these doomsayers and cut off their grants. Religion for social control is failing; AGW is the new control mechanism. 9000 Pharaohs 7 billion slaves. Resist the state." :D

From A. Watts: -The wit and wisdom of ‘Real’ Climate Scientist:
Dr. Ray Pierrehumbert "(---) Note that the IPCC blunder on Himalayan glaciers — something that really did reveal problems (though not fatal ones) in IPCC procedures — was outed first by professional glaciologists, both within and outside the IPCC. i.e. REAL SCIENTISTS, not noisemakers." [Read]

-NOTE: This is set to post, as I'm 10 hours away from Italy!!... :D
-Ret. 3rd of july... Placed eight more posts, in the pending file...

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