Friedman's: "The Zero-Sum Political Game" explains today's "Zero-Sum Government" (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The Obama Administration's 'zero-sum' game, under the guise of "recovery strategy" has been a 'step-by-step' perfect example of how big Government will ALWAYS FAIL in its attempts to create and manipulate business...

Trade is a [positive sum game].. And Milton Friedman explains how Gov't equilibrium in the political market, leads to no net gain for anyone.

Unpredictable rules, as Americans are taking cautions steps during the remainder months of this temporary administration. Predictable game, as Milton Friedman described much of the failure of BIG GOV'T.
"There may be -no- direct and close relationship between ability to compete in the political arena and the ability to compete in the economic arena; but they’re not wholly unrelated…

Those who have not had the qualities which enabled them to succeed in the economic arena; are not likely able to have the qualities to enable them to succeed in the political arena."
Millionaires shrug off downturn; wealthy richer than before [crisis]
But any existing (non-Gov't) wealth on the opposite side of the political spectrum; is publicly mocked; and hunted-down like thieves...

-Post from pending file: Away (Italy) until July 3rd...
Today's Links...
-Obama’s egghead economic saboteurs: [Read]

-Private emails detail Obama Regime involvement in cutting NON-UNION WORKER PENSIONS post-GM bailout. [READ]

-Pelosi Feels Your Pain: Net Worth Rose 62% Last Year [Read]

-WSJ: "Last year the Greek government spent a quarter (25%) more than it took in." [Read] We B.O. Admin spent over 60% more!

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