Pro-Ouattara forces surround Gbagbo; as his opposition collects evidence for future prosecutions

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Bombs shake the earth, and Ouattara's armies are ordered to take him alive; as not to galvanize his supporters?? # VIDEO: [View]

The Supreme court swore-in Gbagbo; and Constitution requires his formal abdication which accepts only ONE Ivory Coast Army... Otherwise, why would there be votes? (Or Ouattara ACORN, for that matter.)

Ouattara is calling for the ICC to investigate the crisis? And UN peacekeeping force in Ivory Coast says it is collecting evidence of atrocities that could lead to future prosecutions? [Read]

Today a highly controversial, but aggressive, Lawyer; likely has a case against the UN... (CvsC) [Jacques Vergès]...
-UPDATE: Another [Lawyer]; View [Video]

Image: Alain Toussaint w/ Vergès; discussion (French)
-Video: L'employé Obama reconnaît l'employé, Ouattara: [View]

Vergès has a history to taking questionable clients... Of his record trials; "offense toward foreign state leaders" range from Govt of Togo, Idriss Déby of Chad, president of Gabo; & the head of the Republic of the Congo... And against such entities as "Amnesty International", and the like...
He sued François-Xavier Verschave for his book Noir silence denouncing the crimes of the Françafrique on charges of "offense toward a foreign state leader."

The attorney general observed how this crime recalled the lese majesty crime; the court thus deemed it contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, thus leading to Verschave's acquittal...
Simpatico, as the American people are robbed into being a "managed decline" economy; with over 70% of "Obama Regime" bailouts going to Foreign CO's... Who is next on the United Nation's blueprint?...DEFUND THE U.N. NOW!

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