Budget debate: Grow poverty or empower budget; or a "third option"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: Wsj -US Budget Plan

As the clock ticks toward this Friday's possible U.S. government shutdown #...Most Americans would rather see a Gov shut down, than to widen DEBT plans. (Third Choice below)

Video from WSJ; Jerry Seib looks at proposals being weighed by Republicans and Democrats, along with efforts to raise the country's debt ceiling...

GOP choice (in green) is proposed by Ryan, with essential sets of reform; to prevent collapse, & set America on track. [read]

Democrat choice (coral) widens Dem party's unfunded entitlement Society; as guts the Tax-payer base, needed to maintain it.

NOTE: At one point or another, you have to ask yourself, why do you want to expand debt, and increase harvest from the very earners, likely to be added to the coral column? Especially when this leads to an eventual collapse of the country... To ignore this factor is selfish, destructive, and maybe even a little "self loathing" in my view. *<[;o)~~

That's why I suggest: A Third option:
20% cut across the board:
Two Government Society...
HOW: Divide US debt in the Middle; and form two sets of individual, and self-disciplined societies...
-Society One: Supports Gov power over their society to maintain Utopian dream; via rationing, & mass tax collection. (spending caps / LTD expansion)

-Society Two: Creates flat tax, maintains LTD safety net, empowers earners to create surplus; enabling growth & job creation. (strict budget / Gov reduction)
Society One would have to CAP instead of TAP; in order to maintain itself; thus create incentive to reduce from within.

And Society Two would be afforded a CLEAR BUDGET.
In every school of economics, budgets spell growth...

Problem Solved, let's vote on it...
This uncertainty weighs heavily upon our nation...

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