NASA Scientist dispels "web-spun" disaster theories, of 'earth-end' 2012

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-From my draft folder... An old/odd post... :D
The world is looking extreme... A look back at some of the most circulated conspiracies; in these short Video clips.
(Crazy, but great music!)
-Events of the crossing: [View]
-Elitist's underground Refuge: [Video]
-Winged Globe (Haha) [View]
"Web-spun crazy theories, about Mayan Calendars, & galactic alignment that predicted 'end of days' in year 2012"...
-NASA (somehow) compelled to respond: [Video News]

A NASA Scientist receives hundreds of letters from wing-nut concerned citizens; and assures all, that there are no such "planetary alignments" in the next few decades......

"And even if they were the case, this would NOT have a negligible effect", says the agency....

Today's Links...
-VIDEO: "Airshow with Draco the Fighter." [VIEW]
Funny how some of the more "unusual" individuals of society, have absolutely NO problem spotting them... :D

-VIDEO: Captured by tourist plane... [VIEW]
Flight over Nazca Lines in Peru, January of 2011... A patch of earth completely devoid of rain; thought to have been created by the Nazca people, who flourished between 200 BC and 700 AD... discovered in the "30's."

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