Drought cancelled in California Sierras; as Ski season contemplates running past Independence Day (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Anthony Watts posts:
Record Snow in Sierras:
-Near 200% of normal at Boreal Ski resort [read]

-Homes buried, and the snow keeps falling!
-VIDEO: walking to the garage in Incline! [View]
Snow fell 10 to 13 feet, in a week! Video (5 da. ago)

-Lovely powder winter wonderland...
(Almost) wish that I was there! :D

With the normal for the season, being around 400 inches... March experienced 240 inches of snowfall; now nearing the 800 inch mark...

William Mauney sat in Alpine Meadows avalanche control as Squaw Valley received 45 inches in a 24 hour period...
-Video: [View]
Today's Links...
-A list of cautions for Residents...
Homes buried, as officials warn residents about potential hazards, from severe roof damage, and in extreme cases, collapse. [read]

Ht: [Watts]
-Governor to Declare End of Drought: #
Water is being released at a rate of 7,000 cubic feet of water per second, that’s equivalent to 52,000 gallons or enough water to fill up 8 swimming pools every second. [Read]

-Fewer global warming protests this winter, due to drifts (Archived video)[Read]
-NOTE: Too bad Liberals killed the So. Cal Farming industry; all to federally mandate pumping restrictions to protect a threatened fish..... This forced growers to leave thousands of acres unplanted and to lay off thousands of farmworkers...
-Typical "Government micro-manage" fail...

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