'Unearthed video' of progressive's Czar, & "entitlements" activists

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Now we see why Progressives found the urgency to remove all of their candidate's college records; and his paper trail of policy & opinions... Also sheds light on the many Obama Team policies; & absence at 9-11 Ground zero...

Obama WH vetted those who were there during the despicable cheer at 9-11... Now appointed to broaden unfunded liabilities, entitlements, UNION dominance, & greenunism; all via race... And currently collapsing our state economies!
As long as the juice flows, these anti-war groups, now exposed as communist/socialists; are SILENT during Obama's 2009 escalation of troops, & Libya bombing intervention...

-While only 21% of a huge majority of Americas say that U.S. has clearly defined the Libyan mission... [read]
-REPORT: Obama sends CIA teams into Libya to find out who rebels are! [Read]
Today's Links...
-They bash troops, support enemies...
MICHAEL YON takes on Rolling Stone...
"The boycott of Rolling Stone Magazine advertisers is gaining traction. The magazine has deceptively attacked US Soldiers and intentionally misled readers for sake of profit and power." [Read]

It's all about power, and redistribution...
A.B. Stoddard on Dems' failure to pass a spending plan: "Democrats refuse to put numbers to paper." [Read]

A TEA PARTY RALLY at the Capitol in Washington today.[Read]

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