Democrats "no-show" Committee Consideration of Fannie, Freddie Reform (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

On Friday, Capital Markets Subcommittee met to consider 8 bills that protect taxpayers from the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac... Zero Democrats... (Next try, Monday)

"While Republicans were working on behalf of taxpayers, Democrats left the room, & relied on parliamentary tricks to prevent the Committee from considering the bills."
ht: Claudia at IOTW

-John Hayward at [Humanevents]
"The last time taxpayers babysat for Fannie and Freddie, they used our best china for skeet shooting, drove our car into the swimming pool, and stuffed our cat into the microwave. Someone has to push their overbearing mother out of the way, and put these little brats into "time out" for a while." [read]

YES... We remember it well..... All too well.

"Dems accused GOP of being "racist" for challenging their lending practices; later, Speaker Nancy blamed Minority GOP for failing to regulate??"

Americans want to present their OWN review of ALL those involved in F&F credit crisis; and to force Dems from using it as "Tax funnel" slush fund...
-Was it all part of a "master-plan"? [read]

Freddie & Fannie was just another one of the many 'Democrat redistributions: "providing mortgages to unqualified Mortgage holders"... And then, funneling Tax dollars back, to fund their elections...
Today's Links...
Dems attend "Tzuris" Convention... [read]
Two conferences... One on first amendment abridgement; and another on "Lefty TAX advances"...Topic: Are we getting enough of "their" money? (haha)

UPDATE: Why Democrats Never Passed a Budget Last Year: [VIDEO] ... (Haha)

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