Chanel Fall Collection; 2011/1911

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Caption: Slouchy tweed jackets and Lacy dresses; in a shadowy palette, against a background of a fog-shrouded forest... 1911?

-Written for 2011 (below)

-Chanel’s Fall, Karl Lagerfeld collection; wrapped in all of the colors of fall...

NOTE: Before I forget... It's a good time to roll back the pre/post 1911 Bankster policy... Scrap the transfer of power; as Baking Cartel (and cronies) beg for more bailouts!

Such mischief continues the work of scoundrels...

ADDED: Where-by "opportunity of crisis" brought "public subservience" of a centralized Banking system… Hence, promotion of bigger government through spending made possible by ever increasing money creation...

A little [History] seems to reveal that actions in 1911, could have made a significant difference today, in rolling-back "the fourth branch of government" — a branch of government that unconstitutionally made and enforced its own laws, using federal power…

It should therefore be fashionable to scrap it.. :D

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