Video: Honorable SCOTUS Justice Thomas explains Biz campaign finance decision; Meanwhile: Leftist rally calls for his lynching! Media silent

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The SCOTUS is the decision of last resort; yet the ruling was condemned by Leftist groups in a most horrific manner:
-VIDEO: [View]

Both Obama and his Leftist Groups have erroneously criticized SCOTUS decision; as a "threat to Democracy"...

But [Mike Flynn] posts video of the REAL threat:
"Everything that's wrong w/ public sector Unions in 30 Seconds"
[Read more]

Today's Links...
Rep calls on DOJ to investigate 'Common Cause' #
Demanding an inquiry to determine whether the Company's Tax-exempt License should be affected... This prompted a denouncement of the Lynching threat against Honorable black Justice Thomas and wife; by the Leftist 'Common Cause' group's attendee... [Read] (ht/Maggie)
Progressive Left's newest black Conservative target, is:
[Herman Cain] who does not believe in choosing a political team (in office) based upon religious preference; as in accordance with our Bill of Rights...

Now touring the country, on a potential run for office; Cain has struggled to combat race-centered attacks by the left.....
But none have judged the content of his character... :D

NOTE: The Cain team had to put out a video in order to debunk the insane claim [from some on the left] that … Cain supported segregation." [View Video]

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