3/28/11 - Sen. Rand Paul Responds to President Obama's Address

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Cost of Libya Intervention: $600M for First Week [Pentagon]

As the US is driven to conflict without mandatory Congressional vote; paid for by a maxed US credit card; and supports a group that we know nothing about... Sen. Rand Paul released the following remarks in response to the Obama address.

"The subtext to the President’s speech concerning Libya tonight was, "What if we had done nothing"… But a better question might be, "What if helping Libya’s interests, actually hurts America’s interests."

"What if we are sending our Military to places where we might actually be helping the same terrorists we fight in other countries."
NOTE: Obama's domestic policies such as Obamacare, energy suppression; failure to adhere to Court orders; and much more; have proven to be direct actions against the states....IMPEACH HIM WITHOUT DELAY; call for new election.

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