Video highlights the hope, the promise, & the illusion; in an arena of 'unbounded opportunity' (1920's)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"The United States is afflicted with new eras; intimately a part of the American character"... We were of the entire world, and freely creative.. When poison came to our nation. [Video]

Joyas Americans would unknowingly drink the Federal Reserve. Followed by the crash, & WWll.. But the "managed de-selection" of US businesses (to follow) was perhaps elitist politician's most damaging, of imposed direction...

Most know that American creativity & invention is at its peak when US generosity is freely given, not taken... Those "newly free" know that the goal of dependence, is not a goal of a Free man...

Oops...Yes, it's official.
They're next in line.. (Haha)

Same "progressives"... Same support for the emergence of new global radical networks, leftist organizations; and most prominently anarchist networks, of which Int'l Socialist, Labor Communists, Union Worker's party, distort Constitutions...

And as our Leaders remain heavily invested away from the U.S... Wherever US is weakened... There is still a chance for another day...

Vote them out (2012!)

-VIDEO: PJTV - Bill Whittle: The Narrative
-Political Correctness [View]
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(no way!)

Wisc. Public Employee (Unions) Invest in Koch-Owned Company [PDF]
Smear against Tea-party (a leftist construct)

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