Hearing on Budget Gimmicks in the Health Care Law; Bachmann alleges Congressional Fraud (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Hidden figures further reveal Healthcare passage intent, as an election issue; and not a sustainability issue; as was sold against the will of the American People...

The overwhelming number of [waivers] granted for the Obamacare, is the gauge of its failure.... And the TYRANNY can be recognized by the fact that only Obama determines who gets them...(jkd)

-Bachmann Alleges Congressional Fraud...

"This is a case of legislative fraud of the highest order. We now know that the ObamaCare bill contained advanced appropriations for use in implementing this massive GOV takeover of health care."

And further states...
"The Obama Administration has already added about 6,000 pages of regulations to ObamaCare, and this funding shows a clear intent to circumvent the appropriations process…" ~Congresswoman Bachmann on finding $105 BILLION in spending BURIED in ObamaCare...

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