US Marines continue Operation Tomodachi mission; to help strengthen life-line for Japan (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Airmen 374th Logistics Readiness Squadron;
Brave cold at Yamagata Airport [strategypage]

-US Marines continue support of relief efforts, refueling hub, move of supplies & people; humanitarian aid; & communications support.

-Marines help clear out Sendai Airport after tsunami
[Stars and Stripes] - Travis J. Tritten - ‎9 hrs ago
‎US forces have cleared the runway of hundreds of wrecked cars and other debris enabling the airport to receive humanitarian aid. SENDAI, Japan — Tsuyoshi Sato stood at the Sendai Airport fuel farm Thursday evening as a crew of Marines used heavy... [Read]

"No other companies would be able to do this," Sato said, motioning to the Marine Corps truck and forklift that was hauling away a vehicle.

Video shows region in US troop fly-over, before heavy snowfall; as cold winds swept down from Siberia.
-VIDEO: [Enlarge]

Earlier US Marines 24-vehicle convoy, 353rd Special Operations Group, shown here at First Forward Area Refueling Point [FARP] mission; Refueling at Kadena; Yamagata Airport...

Heavy snowfall in Japan's snow country is caused by moisture-laden clouds bumping up against the mountains along the backbone of Honshū and releasing their moisture under the influence of easterly winds sweep off northern continent. #

-Please Donate to Japan: []

-Private Note...
We defend out troops from slander, as details and intentions are misconstrued! Today we see Russia'a continual use of negative propaganda against US troops... Video: [Here]

Could the latest attack accusing [R2P Mission] of "Crusades"; have anything to do with this: I. Georgia-Russia Crisis [PDF]

-The U.S. may make mistakes, as all do; but she stands for freedom; and emerges strong, even in the face of adversity... And will do so together; with our strongest Allies.

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