Japanese walk a-top trans-surface, ground shifting, magma flow (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Dutchsinse posts this recent video of the seismic zone activity, in region of south central Japan.... Touted as Liquifaction...
(i.e. ground swelling & contracting.)

-From the massive 3/11 seismic upheaval...
-Video [Enlarge]
ht: IOTW

The strength of the earth makes trying to release pressure on a similar, yet uninhabited land mass; nearly unthinkable... If only one could secure many hundreds of years of peace, without incident; for Japan.
-Convergent land-mass shift: Oceanic plate sinks because it is more dense; applying underground pressure, resulting in either the release of volcanic pressure...

(Or) in this case, land surface which is pliable and resilient..... The only way to compensate this shift, is w/ resilient construction.
-It was mentioned that the Kansai International Airport was built on reclaimed land from the sea; in Osaka Bay... Shown here in [Video]

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