Liberal Democrat lawmaker raises prospect of impeachment for unauthorized air-strikes during a Democratic Caucus conference call

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: [AP: politico]; Rep. John Larson (D-Conn)

“They consulted the Arab League. They consulted the United Nations. They did not consult the United States Congress,” one Democrat lawmaker said of the White House. “They’re creating wreckage, and they can’t obviate that by saying there are no boots on the ground. … There aren’t boots on the ground; there are Tomahawks in the air.”

“Almost everybody who spoke was opposed to any unilateral actions or decisions being made by the president, and most of us expressed our constitutional concerns. There should be a resolution and there should be a debate so members of Congress can decide whether or not we enter in whatever this action is being called,” added another House Democrat opposed to the Libyan operation. [Read Full]

-There is a resolution... It's called:
US Constitution [Article. I - Section 8]
I might add, Bush received a near unanimous Democrat Congressional vote of support for the Iraq war, and assistance in Afghanistan...

-Of course, few have considered Article 1 (and its sections)...
Most commonly recognized in the clear disregard for [Section 9]
"No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken...

UPDATE: It appears that Liberal Democrats are the object of their own whining... Obama Democrat Super Majority reversed US presumed course; in a principle known as UN's: Responsibility to Protect (R2P).. [Read]
This forces U.S. Tax-payers to fund Military interventions with none of our core national interests at stake... In 2012, we must elect Constitutional Conservatives to END this blatant travesty....
Our Constitution provides U.S. Presidential restraint, and prevents Foreign Gov influence over Congressional vote.

I might add that those Nations involved in intervention in Libya have a legitimate fight in the (pre-intervention) tragedy "humanitarian flight" from Qaddafi...
For years Qaddafi has intentionally sponsored the colonization of the west; by placing millions of Libyan citizens on dangerous sea transports to many countries who cannot possibly feed or house them...

Note: CIC had better not think of blaming our brave Men & Women who only respond to his orders... But this is what the Left does, when the slightest wind shifts.. (2012... out!)

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