Five Year plan to balance the U.S. budget; presented by (R) Senators Rand Paul, DeMint, and Lee (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Congressional Scales: History (ATLC)

Congress must act in the interests of the Nation...
Sen. Rand Paul's [assertive plan] would bring stability, while balance can still be achieved... "The point is, we need to do it now, as Senator Rand Paul reminds; before we get into a disaster position where NOBODY gets any money."
-ht: Video; more at [cubachi]

The argument for averting a negative outcome, should far out-weigh entanglements on many national issues... Providing incentive to strive toward peace; restraint from speculative luxury items; and reduction of Presidential adventures; would help to reduce the burden of Govt upon (GDP) economy...

The next half decade will have to rely upon shared sacrifice, instead of "Union political fights" to bargain for extra vacation pay... Today we need to implement fiscal responsibility, Fair Tax, and caps on earning; which are equally shared all across the board...

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