Trillions in unfunded pensions; I call that a need to reform! Unionists call for a little blood.. (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

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Tea-party Tax-payer jobs, pay for GOVT Unions; who spend millions voting for MORE Tax-payer funds...
Now destroying private-sector growth... States call them Vampires! (Video below) Maybe that's what he meant?

Only "wasteful" spending-cuts proposed... Unions hardest hit.

The era of "fat-cat" Union Bosses is over... Gov. Walker simply wants to stop collecting the dues on behalf of the unions, which would leave money in the members’ paychecks to do as they [freely choose]

-All of U.S.A. must (again) be FREE to work [w/out coercion]


Today's Links...
-Madison Madness - Larry Kudlow
National Review Online; Feb 18, 2011...
Larry Kudlow writes on NRO:
"The Democratic/government-union days of rage... Currently, most state employees pay nothing for their pensions and ... by some estimates is suffering from $3 trillion in unfunded liabilities... [Read]; [More]

-O.C. Pensions are "out of control"...
"They have to be brought back in line with the private sector." [Mansoor]
Feb 23, 2011; O.C. measures designed to address the state's unfunded pension obligations...[Read]

-The Next Bailout: $165B for Unions - ##
May 24, 2010... Taxpayers could be on the hook for another $165 billion if a bill to bail out private union pension funds makes it through Congress. [Read]

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