Global-Governments call for "calm demonstrations" as Mid East slips underneath a predictable vacuum

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Instead of stressing that "Mob Coups" are not part of a "Democratic" process, and focus on quelling the protests... Globalist Elites over-look 'potential' AQ perpetrators: [read]

AQ-style groups often rely on 'unrelated' world grievances to form recruitments, coup the disturbances; to gain territory.

Lost is the window to shift & replace with International reform; as protests groups have likely snatched defeat from the jaws of victory... TOO LATE FOR INTERVENTION NOW... [Read]

Older video; still active plan...
Militants strive to topple & over-power Kingdom Rule... Protest backers ignorant of the extent of opposition funding...

When elements of opposition are recruited by these Militants; they merge within the populations... And, as in the case of Pakistan; become impossible to root out, without increased civilian casualty...

AQ's Xinjiang quest:
Remembering Turkmenistan, as recruitment brought "Freedom-Fighters" against a (said) oppressive regime...

NOTE: Turkestan is said not to formally exist - it's a name for the entire territory of people who speak Turkic languages; which spans over many countries; including parts of Western China. Turkmenistan is also one of these countries…
Today's Links...
Al Qaeda's N. African wing backs Libya uprising:
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb started as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat with aspirations to overthrow the Algerian government. [Read]

Obama Democrats are NINE DAYS, too late! [Read]
Every war is formed by wrong solutions to a crisis, YEARS PRIOR... And not during a re-election campaign, as the fault of one's "political opponents."

In my view, Global elitists seriously run the risk of worsening the situation, due to a lack of understanding of the region...

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